This Is What The First Television Test Broadcast Ever Looked Like — So Weird


Posted on: February 28, 2017

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After a long, hard day at work there's nothing I enjoy more than sitting in front of the television and catching up on the latest episodes of my favorite shows.

But television wasn't always as advanced as it is today. Way before digital television or even analog TV, the thought of watching live newscasts from home was only a figment of one's imagination. We have inventor John Logie Baird to thank for turning the type of television we know and love today into a reality.

He played an important role in transmitting the first live televised images. The year was 1925, and Baird had found a way to televise images from one room of his laboratory to another. He did so by filming a dummy. From there, "Stooky Bill" was born. Stooky Bill was created for the purposes of Baird's experiments and the creepy dummy is now known as the first successful televised broadcast subject.

Although this was a monumental moment for technology, it's freaky as hell.

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Well, I'm never sleeping again. I appreciate the fact that live broadcasts are now a thing, but this? This I could do without.

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